Why Do People Hate Thanksgiving?


Abby Bindewald , Writer

Thanksgiving is a classic holiday that is a perfect bridge between Halloween and Christmas; however, it has slowly become a not-so-perfect celebration, and some people even believe that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated at all.

Many people see Thanksgiving as a time of feast and family, but for some it is rather a day of death and major defeat for Native Americans. Similar to Columbus day, some Americans find the “classic” day to be a day in which the whitewashed history of early America to be celebrated instead of brought to common knowledge. Some also find Thanksgiving to be filled with cultural appropriation and the unacknowledgement that thousands of people died at the hands of colonizers. A few Americans even find it offensive to the Native American Culture of the past.

Not only is it seen as a day of cultural appropriation, but it is also becoming increasingly popular to “celebrate,” if you’ll even call it that, Thanksgiving by waiting in line to fight like dogs over flat screen TV’s and new toys for kids on Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. Multiple families throughout the US have started making it a tradition to skip over the “beloved” holiday entirely and celebrate Black Friday in place of it.

Lastly, people have also brought to light that the first Thanksgiving was not in the year 1621 like most believe, but instead was in the year 1623, and other people argue that it was years before in 1619.

Whether you decide to acknowledge it or not, Thanksgiving will always be a loved holiday in which Americans will celebrate freely and happily. Just remember to have fun with your Thanksgiving celebrations!