Justice for Jelani


Ava Terry, Writer

Jelani Day an Illinois State University graduate student disappeared on August 24th. Jelani was studying speech pathology and hoped to be a doctor. He was reported missing on the 25th by his professor and family when he didn’t show up for school.  Gabby Petito, a travel blogger’s, disappearance received immediate media attention and huge law enforcement involvement. Jelani’s mother, Cameron Bolden Day, frustrated with lack of action from police stated,”He’s educated. He’s a productive citizen and I can’t get nobody to look for my son, to provide us with those same resources, with that same help.” His car was found in a wooded area 2 days later in Peru. On September 4th, Day’s body was found in the Illinois River near his car. His cause of death is still unknown. The family attorney said “Day has never been to Peru before and his family suspects foul play.” The Bloomington Police say Day went missing “in unexplained suspicious circumstances.” Day’s mother feels Jelani didn’t get the coverage he deserved. Since his body has been identified celebrities Viola Davis and Lizzo have shared his story and urge the public to help find answers.