The Unthinkable


Haylee Denney , Writer

        It’s super crazy to think about the fact that anything could happen at any given time. Something like a plane crashing into your neighbor’s house. Well that’s exactly what happened in a neighborhood in San Francisco. A man by the name of Dr. Sugata Das was believed to be piloting the aircraft Monday October 11th when things went terribly wrong. It was believed that the pilot was told many times to direct the plane upwards because he was too low to the ground and with that being said he continued to bring the plane even further downwards. Eventually the Dr. ended up crashing the plane into a UPS truck killing the driver. Aside from hitting the truck the plane also slid into 2 houses. In one of the houses there was an elderly couple who had suffered from multiple burns as their home went up in flames thankfully there was no one in the second house. Dr. Sugata ended up passing away because of the crash. It was believed that the man should have never been flying the aircraft to begin with. It was said that he was very disoriented and he wasn’t able to tell his up from his down.