Earthly Responsibilities


Jennie Abbott

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Watching as a little kid, we enjoyed the loud music, colorful trees, and funny characters of The Lorax, a Dr. Seuss favorite. If we take a closer look today at the 2012 film, it highlights the responsibility we have to the environment as habitants of the Earth.

Trees are the source of life on Earth. We breathe oxygen released by photosynthesis, use tree byproducts such as syrup and leaves to make medicines and food, and harvest our favorite fruits, such as apples and peaches. Imagine not having these commodities at hand; worrying about the availability of fresh foods or having a healthy amount of oxygen. With the continuing trends of deforestation, our world might soon see a glimpse of this reality. 

In a 2019 article published by National Geographic, it shared that “Since humans started cutting down forests, 46 percent of trees have been felled.” 

“We’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute” (The Conscious Club). 

Our world was once at peace with the equilibrium of wildlife and ecosystems, just as the Lorax was living in paradise before The Once-ler destroyed his environment.

We have the opportunity to take this responsibility of bringing back the beautiful forests into our own hands. 

Plant a tree, reduce paper products, and recycle. Simple, but very beneficial to the environment, these three simple ways will reduce deforestation and help fight for a greener Earth. 

Making a better today in hopes for a better tomorrow, starts with me and you.