Iceland Plant Turns Carbon Dioxide To Stone


Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

In Iceland they have recently built a giant machine which collects carbon dioxide and injects it deep into the ground to mineralize. This costs about ten to fifteen million dollars to build. When operating at its capacity, it is estimated to draw 4,000 tones of carbon dioxide from the air. This is about the same amount as about 870 cars’ emissions. The way this machine works is kind of like a fan. It collects air thorugh the fan and filters out the carbon dioxide. Once the filter is full, the fan stops collecting air and then the rest of this process begins. Next, the machine combines the carbon dioxide with water which will make it easier to solidify in the long run. After that, they inject the carbon dioxide and water into basalt rock 1000 meters deep. Then the solidification process begins. As soon as the carbon dioxide is inserted it is to be considered no longer an issue really. This is believed to be a big step towards the fight against climate change.