Halloween Horror Stories


Abby Bindewald , Writer

It’s October, you know what that means… Halloween! With Halloween right around the corner, we’ll be looking at some of our teachers Halloween Horror Stories.

Starting off, Mrs. Kershaw calls Halloween “an invitation to dress in unflattering ways.” She also says that Halloween is unfun for parents, as it is a very stressful holiday for them in all aspects. Mrs. Kershaw begins with her children being around the ages of three and one, her husband was working second shift (2:00-11:00), so she was on her own to take care of the kids. “It had been raining all day, so everything was wet and disgusting,” they had just begun trick-or-treating and they had gotten “three houses down the road,” Kershaw was carrying bags of candy and pushing a stroller down the road, they got to the end of the block, and her three-year-old daughter “was just standing in a puddle. Like, didn’t just step in a puddle… she was just standing in a puddle.” Her daughter got “completely soaked,” and she was crying a and wet when Kershaw pulled her out of the puddle. They had been trick-or-treating for “like eight minutes” and Kershaw was “dealing with her crying because her feet are sloshy,” and “pushing a stroller around a wet street, and carry these bags, and it’s raining and it’s terrible.” They got about four houses down before her oldest started saying, “I’m done! I’m done! I wanna go home!” so Mrs. Kershaw responded with, “Fine, I wanna go home, let’s go home!” Kershaw then “picked her up, and put her on my shoulder,” and began walking home with a “kid on a shoulder, a stroller in one hand,” while carrying candy bags all the way. They got close to their home when her oldest daughter started “screaming, ‘I’m not done trick-or-treating! I wanna keep trick-or-treating!” and all of the parents around her started looking at the scene, “thinking I’m, like, the worst mother in the world because it was, like, eighteen minutes into trick-or-treating.”

When Kershaw and her two daughters get to their driveway, Mr.Kershaw “Pulled into the driveway… in his warm car, and nice, dry clothes… and said, ‘how’d it go?'” Which caused a very frustrated Mrs.Kershaw to become even more frustrated.