Childhood sport stories: episode 4

Childhood sport stories: episode 4


This week, I decided to interview Izzy Nordstrom about her past in the athletic world. As a self proclaimed “retired” athlete, she now enjoys recreational pickleball. 

Growing up, Izzy participated in soccer from kindergarten through 2nd grade but ended that chapter because of gymnastics were not welcome on the soccer field. From there, Izzy developed a passion for her local swim team. She swam competitively for about 3 years until it “wasn’t fun anymore” she says. 

An important swim memory she remembers is having a meet rained out and watching the bee movie in the car. “ Kinda a big moment for me”, Izzy stated. 

From swim team came a passion for volleyball. Izzy played school volleyball through middle school and even joined the Platform team for a year. She explained her platform year as “ joining before it was cool”. 

Izzy didn’t just have a passion for all kinds of sports but also theatre. Freshman year, she joined theatre for the production of Bye Bye Bird and the annual one acts. 

After years of sports and plays, Izzy now enjoys the retired life and spends her extra time out at Pinnacle country club working as a waitress.