Hoco Horror Stories

Hoco Horror Stories

Hayley VanDuyne, Writer

The week we’ve all been waiting for is here, Homecoming. After not being able to have a normal homecoming week last year due to COVID, the excitement is at an all time high through the school.  While it’s one of the most fun weeks of our school year it also can create some stress with things like groups and dinner plans. Amongst the stress, can come some funny stories.  I went around and asked people some of their best stories. 

Abby Watson – “My fake eyelash got stuck and it was scary.” “I also rejected 3 guys my sophomore year and as an underclassman that made me feel cool.” 

Izzy Nordstrom – “While watching the king and queen I made eye contact with my date and he ran in the other direction. At first I was really confused until his friend came up to me and said he would only slow dance with me if I asked him to. I was really confused until I realized that he took my eye contact during the slow dance as dance with me now.” 

Britani Trujillo – “At Rocky’s homecoming, they had snacks out in mini plastic cups like we were babies.”