Positive Outlooks


Haylee Denney , Writer

         Can you only imagine going to the hospital thinking that you are only going to be getting heart surgery and come out with parts of your body missing instead?  That is exactly what happened to 49 year old Casey Cagle. He is a coach in football. Cagle was having complications with his heart and went into the hospital to have a 4 hour procedure done but that led to much larger problems. Cagle ended up spending close to 100 days in the hospital. The time spent in the hospital due to the complications with surgery he found out that he was going to have both of his legs, left hand and several of his fingers amputated. With all of that being said many people said Cagle never gave up and he just kept on pushing forward. Despite the mishap Cagle is still living his life like he would normally. He is still does his laundry, cooks, cleans and still even attends every game.  Cagle had stated that he could not leave his team without a coach so he is bound and determined to make sure he is there for them however he can be.