Pet Peeve’s

Pet Peeves

A pet peeve is something that a particular person finds especially annoying. Personally, I get annoyed when people clap after a movie at the theater. We all have a pet peeve so if you really want to annoy someone scroll down.

  • “My biggest pet peeve is people staring at me or people who tap the end of pens that make that clicking noise really fast”-Thea Brown
  • “Chewing Loudly”-Kasey Filler
  • “When people chew or slurp loud”-Bre Payne
  • “People chewing with their mouth open”-Hope Seys
  • “stupid people”-Mimi Carter
  • “The fact that I have to show up to school”-Abby Watson
  • “chewing!!”- Ariel Nelson
  • “When people use the wrong “your” or “there””- Hailey Vanduyne
  • ¨Ava¨- Courtney Farwell
  • “When I say something to someone and they don’t answer me, but yet I don’t answer”-Elle Weber