Childhood sports stories: episode 2

Childhood sports stories: episode 2

Hayley VanDuyne, Writer


Jennie Abbott, a multi sport athlete, currently participates in volleyball, soccer, and basketball. But you would never expect to see her on the wrestling mat. She took on that challenge in 4th grade and was working on the dream of doing every sport. After hitting the matt all summer, she decided it wasn’t for her. 


Wrestling comes with having to learn all different types of moves and the names of them all. Jennie says the one move she does remember is the ‘chicken wing’. The chicken wing, according to Google, is a move where you capture the opponents arms and pull it to their side and then put your elbow in their back and try to pry their arm all the way up. 

Sounds pretty hard if you ask me!  


Being a multi sport athlete, Jennie has had some pretty interesting experiences. One of which being of which being in fourth grade. She had spent the morning at the elementary school, like a lot of us did at the time, in the soccer fields. While having volleyball right after, they wasn’t time for a costume change. She played that day in neon yellow soccer shorts and red knee pads!