Gamers and their Lights

Gamers and their Lights

Joey Foley, Writer

I suppose this isn’t a subject just for people who play games, so if you are also a person who hangs a lot of LED lights and decorations, stick around. I don’t know what it is but we as humans have a lot of weird habits. It can range anywhere from people being addicted to short video clips on their phone to some taking their billionth picture of the same coffee they order every time.  It’s no different for gamer when we are for some reason obligated to have shiny colorful lights on and in everything we own.

It’s odd how we spend 90% of our time staring at a bright screen; We shouldn’t even notice these colorful lights while we’re are playing. That brings up the question, why do we have so many LED lights? Well to be honest the answer can vary depending on the person. Most of the equipment I got for my setup serves a specific purpose towards how I play (except the mouse pad). Those things just so happen to have lights in them. Do these items cost more for having these lights in them? No, actually you can a lot of cheap gaming equipment with plenty of twinkly lights in them. Some people do prefer their equipment just for the sheer fact they are bright and colorful. Most of the time the lights can be adjusted on things like mice and keyboards incase you want it to fit a theme. Now you can make your whole set up orange and have the neighbors wonder why your room is still glowing like the sun at 2 in the morning.

I think lights give more incentive to clean. You don’t want your bright and colorful keyboard to be all dusty. Plus a room filled with LED lights gives motivation to clean. A brightly lit room will only look good if it’s organized. Nobody wants to see dirty jeans on the floor of your personal rave room.  When you turn actual lights on the room will look 10 times less appealing with all the dirty clothes. Maybe with everything clean, organized, and brightly lit your room will look photogenic.

I don’t know what it is but some people just like their rooms to be lit like a christmas tree 24/7. I have nothing against that; in fact, I’m all for it. Not everything looks better with bright and colorful lights, but its not hurting anyone if you want to decorate.