The Gray Matters Collective – Orion’s newest Organization


Abby Bindewald , Writer

A new organization started by Haley DeGreve and brought to us by Madison Greenwood is taking Orion by storm. The Gray Matters Collective is a mental health awareness organization, that shares peoples stories of struggle and hard times. When asked, we were told “The Gray Matters Collective is a non-profit with its goals based towards suicide prevention and awareness and reducing the stigma on brain health and mental illness.”

The Gray Matters Collective was originally founded by Haley DeGreve in 2018, and since then has been brought to Orion by Madison Greenwood to share stories of struggle and hard times with the town and school. When asked about what The Collective does for its students and members, Madi said, “We aim to be able to connect students with mental health resources that they may need as well as provide a safe space for them to talk, share, and create friends and community within the school.”

Madi has also said that the group is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to join, as all people should be able to tell their stories. The group will hold community events in order to, “work to reduce the stigma of mental illness within Orion and help students to feel safer in the building.”

The first Gray Matters Collective event will be held in late September, and many are encouraged to go to this wonderful event, in which there will be guest speakers, stories shared, and much more.

For more information and updates on The Gray Matters Collective, visit their Instagram page @orion_thegraymatters, or the home-base page @thegraymatterscollective.