Faking Caught On Camera

Faking Caught On Camera

Haylee Denney, Writer

         Would you ever lie and say someone hit you with a car even though they never really did? Well that’s exactly what Bates Jr did.

On Friday September 3rd, the Slidell Police Department received a phone call claiming that there was a hit and run. Bates had claimed that while he was in the parking lot a Tesla was backing up and hit him. Bates went on to  complain of back, neck, and leg pain. Little did Bates know that Tesla kept all of the footage from their back up cameras. When the police department was looking through all of the footage from that day they could very clearly see that Bates was lying, and that he, in fact, was never hit by the car. He did, however, set this whole thing up.

The Tesla driver had stated that Bates purposely threw himself behind the moving vehicle while he was backing up. The following day the Police Department released video footage of the Tesla driver’s camera. This proves that Bates did in fact throw himself behind the car on purpose and wasn’t even hit by the car.

The footage also shows that  the driver of the Tesla got out of his car and made sure that Bates was ok. Later that day Bates was arrested and is now being faced with the charge of False Swearing, which is “the making of a false statement under oath or affirmation in a setting other than a judicial proceeding.”