Golden Retriever Syndrome

Golden Retriever Syndrome

Joseph Foley, Writer


Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in all the United States. They are beautiful athletic and smart dogs who are very loyal and easy to train. These all sound very great traits, but sounds a little too good to be true. Golden’s, while very intelligent, are easily excitable. This can lead to fits of energy where the dog is dashing all over the house knocking stuff over and making a mess just because someone walked through door. Of course these being the lovable dogs they are, they will want to give you something to greet you with. They retrieve ( I know shocker) a gift for you or whoever walked in. While yes this can be something as simple as one of their toys, goldens are too stubborn to give you anything they consider is theirs. They will go out of their way to grab anything the can get their paws on and deliver it to you. This could be anything to kitchen towels, papers on the table, cups, anything they can fit their mouth around they will try to grab.

This is nothing too big, some wouldn’t even call it a downside. They are generous dogs the like to be nice, but their intelligence can only go so far. They are great dogs to train starting at any point of their life. Their constant curiosity always leads them open to improvement. They are food motivated like most dogs, but often times they’re so eager to please some golden’s don’t even need treats to be trained. This curiosity can also lead to a lot of problems. If you ever had a puppy you would know they try to chew and eat everything.¬† This kind of behavior tends to stay with Golden Retrievers. Anything the dog can see in your yard they can eat it. That’s why it’s important to always keep them busy. These dogs will take a very long time to wear out. After a long run around the neighborhood with your dog, you are exhausted. It takes you awhile to catch¬† your breath and rest while your dog is looking at you with the widest smile ready to go again.

What about the times where it’s calm. Everyone’s tired and there is no more company coming for the day. You managed to settle your Golden Retriever down and both of you are ready to take a nap. For some reason big dogs have a really strange habit, especially in goldens. They think they’re lap dogs. Which leads to really uncomfortable and sometimes painful situation where this big loveable hunk of fur jumps on your lap. Not to mention that these dogs shed like no other. Just petting these dogs on the head will lead to you being covered in hair. So when they do jump on your lap you get a pile of dog hair all over you when you manage to get him off you. Now you are covered in hair and slightly scratched up.

In conclusion, Golden Retrievers are a little strange and hard to control at times, but overall a very sweet and lovable dog breed that I think anyone could enjoy.