Fav Fishies


Hayley Vanduyne

   I don’t know about you but I hate small talk and therefore will ask the most random questions. So it’s only fitting that my first article is a weird question! This weeks is what’s everyone’s favorite fish! 

Abby Watson: “I hate fish normally but the rainbow fish from the book The Rainbow Fish. The shiny one.”

Izzy Nordstrom: “Angel fish ifykyk.”

Avery Monson: “ Angler fish.” Google this one guys. Scary. 

Jennie Abbott: “Bass. It tastes good.”

Ty Commer: “Goldfish. Extra cheddar.”

Madeline Nightingale: “Fang tooth fish.” Also super scary. 

Gabe Masias: “Whale.” 

Bre Payne: “Goldfish. The cheddar ones.” 

Mrs. Fedlott: “ Gordon fish sticks.”