Is it Summer Yet?


Jennie Abbott

178 days until summer vacation… Although you might be tired already, we have officially made it through 0.7% of the school year;) Classes are in full swing and sports events are just getting started. Here is a short summary, according to students and staff, on how the first two weeks of school have played out for them. 

*agonizing sounds* “Not fun.” -Nathan Tapscott       

“I got sent to the principal’s.” -Elle Weber

 “Um, boring.” -Kasey Filler   

“$3nd h31p p1l34$3” -Mary Mohr

 “Busy, tired, stupid.” -Abby Watson       

 “A let down.” -Izzy Nordstrom

“Very difficult.” -Cole Kratzburg   

“Need more chocolate.” -Hollie Thomsen

 “Exciting, stressful, and happy.” -Mrs. Stannke   

“Tiring zZZ.” -Maya Van Duyne