Rep. Liz Cheney in Trouble


Adrian Sowers, Writer

Liz Cheney represented Wyoming in the House of Representatives. Liz Cheney this last month has been under fire for her opposition of former President Donald Trump. Since Donald Trump’s time in office, he has opened up a website where he posts his views about the election. One view is that he thinks the election was stolen from him. Trump entitled this post “The Big Lie.” In this post he says the Joe Biden is an illegitimate President who stole the election from him. Trump also said that the reason that his Twitter and Facebook account were blocked is due to the fact that everything he posted was pure opinion and then says everyone has the right to their opinion. Donald Trump says he is still the rightful President of the United States. Many Judges have ruled that Trumps posts were not inciting violence. Liz Cheney came out and said that she does not agree with the posts. Just this past week Rep. Liz Cheney has been ousted from the House GOP Conference Chair.