Academic Awards Night

Academic Awards Night

Kasey Filler, Writer

Yesterday (Wednesday May 12) the school hosted the annual academic awards night. This year it was held at Central Park instead of in the gym like usual. Luckily the weather was almost perfect for an event to be held outside. The park was filled with parents and families (wearing masks) excited to see the students success. There were a number of awards and scholarships given out all throughout the night.

National Honor Society

The first order of business during the awards night was NHS. First, the current members inducted a new group of people into  NHS. Students can only get inducted into NHS their junior year. To be inducted into NHS students have to maintain a certain gpa, complete a number of service hours, and pass an evaluation given by a teacher. After the new members were inducted the senior NHS members were recognized. They were called on stage with a short write up about their plans after high school, advice to underclassmen, and their favorite teachers.

Academic Awards

After the NHS inductions they moved into giving out academic awards. First, Profe presented a certificate to the people who passed the seal of biliteracy test. After those people were called on stage Mr. DeBaillie moved on to recognize the top ten percent of students in each grade level. If you’d like to know who is currently top ten percent in each grade you can go to the bulletin board outside of the library. Mrs. Stropes has a list on those people stapled up there.

Awards & Scholarships

There were a countless number of awards and scholarships given out to seniors at the awards night as well. Many of the scholarships were things that the seniors had to apply for. Others of them teachers nominated the student/s best fit the receive the awards. If you’d like to see who won what awards it should be in the news paper (Geneseo Republic) within the next couple days. There were five awards that were given out that will be featured in the Quad City Times as well.

All in all it was a great night for everyone. This event was the start of the senior’s many end of the year celebrations for finishing high school.


Awards Night Program & Scholarship List