The World’s First “Floating Tunnel”


Vianova / Baezeni

Interior vieew of submerged pipe bridge.

Ella Oliva, Writer

Norway has recently released their newest idea to make traveling more efficient.  They are considering building a 40 billion dollar floating tunnel to increase tourism and protect their country from environmental harm. Norway is known for their scenic country, however, with an average time of 21 hours from the cities of Kristiansand in the south to Trondheim in the north, this makes traveling difficult. Not to mention there are 7 ferries in between those countries. With wanting to preserve the natural beauty of their country but decreasing travel time, they came to the solution of building an underwater highway, submerged 100 feet below water.

With help from engineers all over the country they are dissecting every inch of this project. They have estimated for this project to be completed around 2050. In the meantime, they are considering every potential accident that may occur, planning emergency exits, and many other factors. Another large issue is the negative impact on humans being underwater for long periods of time. This tunnel will cut the travel time in half, however, we are not meant to be underwater for multiple hours at a time. Experts say they are in no rush to begin building before they have worked out all the kinks. While this seems like a long shot engineers in Italy, as well as China have proposed similar ideas.


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