Manchester United Protests


PA Images via Getty Images

Manchester United fans during a fan protest against the club owners outside of Old Trafford, Manchester. Picture date: Saturday April 24, 2021. (Photo by Danny Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images)

Eli Kayser, Editor

At midday Sunday, a normal Champion’s League soccer game was supposed to take place between Manchester United and Liverpool. Everything seemed fine until thousands of angry fans stormed Old Trafford. Fans are angry with the ownership for attempting to join a ‘Super League’ in Europe. Fans do not trust the ownership, and tempers have boiled over. Fans rushed the stadium, and were destroying equipment and smashing glass. A few hundred fans rushed the pitch inside the stadium. According to BBC Sport, “serious clashes with police” ensued. This season, the Champion’s League is allowing a limited capacity in their stadiums. The protesters were well above the limit, and many were not wearing masks. Many fans have reacted negatively to hearing this news. There are plenty of fans who don’t wish to be associated with the protesters. They simply want to watch football.

Fans of soccer, or football rather, in other parts of the world can get very intense. In Ghana in 2001, visiting team fans threw bottles onto the field, resulting in police responding and dousing the crowds with tear gas. The ensuing chaos resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people. In 1984, a bad call from a referee in the Olympic qualifiers in Lima, Peru resulted in an intense melee. The fighting resulted in over 300 deaths and more than 500 more injuries.’s%20call%20in%20a,National%20Stadium%20in%20Lima%2C%20Peru.