The #JoshFight Explained


Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Hundreds of people named Josh met up at Air Park in Lincoln, Nebraska to fight over their shared name on April, 24. The Josh fight was originally just an early pandemic joke started by an Arizona college student named Josh Swain. Last April Josh Swain sent a Facebook message to dozens of other people who shared both his first and last name. After a little messaging chit chat among the Josh Swain group the original Josh Swain messaged a date and coordinates for them to meet at. In one of the messages he sent he clarified the reasoning for the meet up by writing “We fight, whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name, you have a year to prepare, good luck.” The message that Swain sent turned into a meme with jokes being made about it, and according to the Lincoln Journal Star, Swain responded by saying it was entirely a joke and he didn’t think anything would come of it.

The Josh fight was a joke up until a few months ago when Swain’s friends brought the event up again. Swain bought a ticket to Lincoln, remessaged the Facebook group of other Josh Swains, and posted details about the event on social media. Swain told the Lincoln Journal Star days before the event that he wasn’t sure if anyone would show up.

But, on Saturday hundreds of people showed up to the large greenspace in Air Park for the event. The participants showed up with pool noodles that Swain invited them to bring and many spectators showed up with signs and T-shirts about rooting for Josh and other things to add to the comedic commentary of the event. Photos and videos from the event show the participants fighting with their pool noodles.

The winner of the event, deemed the ultimate Josh was 4-year-old Lincoln resident Josh Vinson Jr. Josh Vinson Jr. was dubbed “Little Josh” and received a Burger King paper crown and trophy for winning the title of the ultimate Josh.

The Josh fight also helped raise money. The original Josh Swain used the fight to raise money for the Children’s Hospital, Medical Center Foundation, and food for the Food Bank of Lincoln.