NFL Draft-Night 1


Kasey Filler, Writer

As many know the 2021 NFL Draft started last night (Thursday, April 29th). A lot of the first round picks were pretty predictable considering the comparison between the predictions and what actually happened are very similar. There were a lot of sporting events going on last night so if you weren’t able to watch the first round here’s all you need to know.

First Round, No.1 Pick

Trevor Lawrence, former quarterback for the Clemson Tigers, was the number one pick this year. He went to the Jacksonville Jaguars. A couple weeks before the draft he got married to his long time girlfriend, Marissa Mowry, so a lot of big things have happened in Lawrence’s life in a very short period of time. Another exciting this for Lawrence and the Jaguar Franchise is that later in the first round they also picked up RB Travis Etienne. Lawrence and Etienne have been playing together for the past three years at Clemson.

Who did the Bears draft in the first round?

I know a lot of people are big bears fans so you probably want to know who’d they pick and if it’s a good pick for them. With the 11th pick in the first round the bears picked up Justin Fields, former Ohio State quarterback. The bears were in need of a new quarterback who’s going to be in the league for a long time and hopefully be the start to something good. Fields was a good pick considering his versatility; he’s very accurate, super fast, and all around a great player.

Six former alabama football players were first round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. That number ties the record for most former players drafted into the NFL in the first round.

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