Super Mario Brothers: Wii vs. Nintendo Switch


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

My friend and I spent last summer beating the entirety of the Wii version of Super Mario Brothers. We spent so many hours screaming at each other and at the TV. I swear that game can make or break relationships. We still haven’t quite beat the final boss battle but that’s besides the point. It took us all summer to get even that far. 

When school started, we started playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Switch. It was SO MUCH easier and we flew through it. We definitely didn’t cheat at all and that definitely does not affect my conclusion that the Wii version of Super Mario Brothers is superior to the Nintendo Switch by far. It’s so much harder and better and if you disagree I don’t care. 

Also the Wii version doesn’t have Nabbit who allows you to basically cheat. I’m just saying, if you give me the option to cheat I will use it. That is on the developers and not on me at all. I don’t even get who Nabbit is. Is he Bowser’s son in disguise? Is he a little baby that you give to your younger sibling so they don’t screw up the game for you? Why does he make weird noises when he gets hit even when it doesn’t affect him at all? I hate him. He does not deserve to be in the game.

AND there’s the princess power thing in the switch version who can fly above everything and be all special. I don’t want different levels of difficulty. We are all on the same level. The Wii gets that. The Wii gets me

If you like the switch version better, you are a little baby and I refuse to budge on that.