The Most Effective Study Habits

The Most Effective Study Habits

Ella Oliva, Writer

As we are nearing the end of the year, our time to increase our grades is getting slimmer each day. With finals just around the corner it’s important to start preparing for the next few weeks. In order to be the most productive in your preparation for finals it’s important to find a study technique that works for you. However, these are a few tips that have been proven to help retain information. First, it is recommended that instead of studying for multiple hours on one subject, that you should spend less time studying but increase your intensity level. It’s easy to reply to a text real quick, and then jump on social media for a little, and then you end up in the kitchen grabbing a snack. All of these take your minds attention away from your task. This is why after 3 hours of “studying” you still aren’t making any progress, instead put your phone on silent and dedicate 30 mins to an hour of pure studying.

Next, it is also helpful to space out your study session amoungist a few days. Cramming in all your information in the night of is going to cause the issue above, however, studying throughout the week for 30 minutes a day will allow you time to get clarification on topics and this will help you master a topic rather than memorize it for a day.

Lastly, when studying don’t avoid the word problems. Although these may seem annoying and difficult these are going to benefit you the most. Instead of answering a true or false question, the benefit of having to explain how a process works and why is going to help you have a better understanding of the concept.

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