The Last Performance

Abby Schuler , Writer

  Eric an Eighteen year old who has just been brought in to the cause of a car accident is what the nurse told the doctor when arriving to the trauma call. He read my file and assigned tasks to the current nurses. Once I woke up I had been all hooked up to medical machines. I heard the nurses talking outside my room stating that due to my accident I might never be able to play again. I couldn’t believe it , I’d never play piano again , no Juilliard , no traveling to the cities of music lovers, so my life’s over.

 What will I do now my whole life has been about music and getting into Juilliard. I quickly acted asleep when the nurses checked on me so they didn’t know I heard. About five minutes later the doctor came in to see me awake. He asked how I was and all his other required questions but all I could think about was not playing. Once he was done I asked about the recovery time and how soon I could play again. The look on his face proved the nurses were right. He said the recovery time should take about 8-9 months with Physical Therapy and a lot of home exercise. 

So what about me play-  he quickly interrupted and said to wait about fully recovering before training to play. I explain that I have Juilliard auditions in a few months along with traveling to the cities of music lovers and how I have to be ready to play by then. I was told if I try to play too soon I could kill the last nerve endings I have that will make my hand just work normally on its own. Mrs. Adams crying rushed into my room and hurried over to check on me. Once she saw my hands and leg in a cast she rubbed my cheek and said I will go call your parents.