Benefits of Spring Cleaning


Ella Oliva, Writer

As we get closer to summer it’s often suggested to clean out your closet or go through other items in your house you aren’t utilizing as often. This is an easy way to declutter your life and even make a few extra dollars by throwing a garage sale. While a few extra dollars seems like the biggest incentive for some spring cleaning, there are a lot of additional benefits to this as well.

One of the biggest health benefits of spring cleaning is that it strengthens your immune system. As allergy season hits, it is so important to deep clean your home. This will help you breathe better and prevent respiratory issues in the future. Doctor Adrian Cotton, chief of medical operations at Loma Linda University in California, states that “Dust, mold, mildew, pet dander, and other things like this can be immune system triggers for people prone to allergies. When your house isn’t clean it can gather pollutants — especially during the winter months.”

Another benefit of cleaning up is that it will help reduce stress and depression. According to Tricia Wolanin, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and organizing expert notes “When we clear clutter, it has the potential to clear our mental space and attention span.”

Lastly, a clean home can lead to better physical health and activity. Studies show that their is a correlation between keeping your house clean and being active and choosing healthier lifestyles. Wolanin states “When we clear out in the physical realm, it can inspire us to begin to cut out what no longer serves us, such as unhealthy relationships, or our relationship to food, technology, or other substances.”

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