Is this a Bad Time?


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

So Prince Philip (finally) died and I feel like this is either the best or worst time to share memes about his passing. But for those of you frustrated at top text bottom text memes that aren’t ironic do not fret I also hate those memes. So here we go, I’m going to rate them on how much they made me laugh from a sharp exhale to an actual giggle.

Starting off strong with this badly cropped photo of him with wings. I like the implication that he’s going to heaven despite not making it. I give it a 7/10

This one…it gives me 7th grade vibes and made me sharp exhale 5/10

There’s a lot of Corpse Husband themed ones but this one made me laugh the most for some reason…6/10 made me say sheeeesh over and over.

A good one…the first of a few of this format funny but not the best so 5/10

ifykyk 7/10

My friend from Britain doesn’t find any of these funny but he sucks so 7/10

this one actually made me laugh out loud….10/10

For the Swifties 9/10

I don’t really have words for this one I just think it’s really funny for some reason. 9/10

Dr. Phil <3 9/10