Car Plunges Down Cliff in California


Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

This Easter weekend in California ended tragically for one family in Bodega Bay, California. The mother, Maria Teixeira, and daughter, Elizabeth Correia, duo were in a parking lot at the trails in Bodega Bay when the car went off the cliff and killed the mother, 64, and daughter, 41. Witnesses say they saw the Toyota drive through a barrier made of wood, however, they also stated that the car did not accelerate nor attempt to brake. They both lived in the Dublin area of California and worked at educational facilities there. Maria was the lead custodian at Montevideo Elementary, and Elizabeth was a first grade teacher at Lydiksen Elementary. One of the officers investigating the incident says it is “still very much under investigation”. The school that Elizabeth is hosting a PPIE run in her honor on April 18th. This is all of the information released at this time.

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