All About Courtney


Liz Wilbur, Writer

I recently conducted an interview with Courtney Farewell, a Junior here at Orion High School.

Q: So why do you think I should make an article about you?

A: Because I am the best, I am not cocky about being the best, I am just the best

Q: What sports do you you do?

A: Basketball and Volleyball

Q: What is your dream sport?

A: Water Polo, because pools are fun, and you thrive

Q: Who is your favorite Tik Toker and why?

A: Dixie D’amelio, she inspired me to not be happy, because it is okay not to be happy.

Q: Favorite sandwich place?

A: Hungry Hobo because of there cheese fries

Q: Who is your favorite Teacher?

A: Mrs. Night

Q: If you could be a animal for the day, what animal would you be?

A: I would be a T-Rex, because it would make you grow as a person to learn to use short arms.

Q: What is your dream car?

A: A yellow Corvette, because I like the color yellow and that they are bougie!

Q: What is your spirit Animal

A: Let me take a quiz …it’s a Snake according to the website, it says that it is because I am guiding and leading.

Q: If you would live of a Starbucks drink what would you choose?

A: A venti iced Caramel Macchiato

Q: What is your most irrational fear?

A: Big Sea Turtles, because they are big.

Q: What is your least Favorite Book

A: Twilight, because I got half way through the book, and then I hated my life after it.

Q: Name the last person you licked

A: Mimi

Q: What is your least favorite sport that you played

A: Dance, because I sucked at it.

Q: What is your least favorite class

A: Any Math Class

Q: Would you rather play in Band or Choir

A: Choir, because I’m a really good singer, but don’t ask me to sing anything.

Q: What is your favorite Children’s book?

A: Where the sidewalk ends.

Q: Are you artistically inclined?

A: Well obviously, I’m in Art III

Q: What is you favorite school lunch?

A: I bring my own lunch, so that tells you something.

Q: What embarrasses you the most?

A: My Parents, they don’t know how to act in public sometimes, and I’m like “Yikes.”

Q: What is you favorite thing you own?

A: My dog and my kitten, because I tell them all my secrets and they won’t tell anyone.

Q: What is your favorite thing in your locker?

A: My Gecko

And now for a word from Mrs. Cine:

My favorite Courtney Farewell Farwell is that she worked hard on all her assignments, even if she didn’t need to. Including the time when she made 13 of Tik Tok videos of the Lord of the Flies. You can look it up on instagram @lord_of_the_flies_tiktok.  I appreciate kids who are dedicated. I am sad that I will not have her in my class next year!