March Madness


Gracie McHenry, Writer

March Madness is a time period in March where the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) basketball tournament is going on. 

This year it will be starting on March 18 at 5:10, ET time. The end date is April 5. There are 68 teams playing. Virginia gets the honors of the tournament being held entirely in the state. There are four regions: East, South, West, and Midwest. As most things, it has changed its way of operation multiple times. This section has not been changed since 2011.

The championship was founded in 1939. Over the 80 years of the March Madness tournament being held, only 35 teams have won with UCLA, or University of California at Los Angeles, being the top winner with 11 wins. 2021 is breaking a new record in this tournament.

The University of Daytona Arena has held all First Four games since 2011 except 2021. They were also a precursor to the single “play in” game held from 2001 to 2010. Hosting a total of 123 games, the most one single venue has ever held.

During the first and second round the No.1 team would play the No.16 team and then so on and so on. 

Here are some interesting facts:

>A No.5 team has never won the tournament.

>Coach John Wooden won 10 out of 11 UCLA’s titles

>Lisa Byington will be the first female to announce a NCAA men’s tourney game

>Corporate loses around 13.3 billion dollars each year due to March Madness

>players in the tournament make 0% of the profits

>NCAA lost around 600M in annual revenue due to Covid-19 in 2020

>56% of workers say there willing to miss a work deadline to watch the basketball tournament

>College basketball coach John Calipari comes in with the biggest salary at 8.2M

>St. Louis had its 2013 national title vacated (being the first time this has happened)

>St. Louis had 123 wins vacated

>2x as much is wagered on March Madness then the superbowl

>In 2008, all four No.1s made it to the final 4