The Grammys Part 2

The Grammys Part 2

Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

As you may know, the 2020 Grammys were held last sunday. A lot of people were either really happy or kinda bummedd with the results. And with these results, people all over social media posted and talked about their opinions on this year’s award show. They often refer to it as “the scammys” because they feel like a lot of deserving artists got robbed of a grammy. Anyway, enough about that, lets talk results.


So for song of the year, the winners were Dernst Emile, H.E.R. and Tiara Thomas with “I Can’t Breathe”

For best new artist, the winner was Megan Thee Stallion

For best pop solo performance, the winner was Harry Styles with “Watermelon Sugar”

For best duo/group song, the winners were Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande with “Rain on Me”

For best pop vocal album, the winner was Dua Lipa with Future Nostalgia

For album of the year, the winner was Taylor Swift with Folklore


Those are not all of the winners but just the winners of some of the big categories. At the awards show there were perfomances by many of the winners listed above including Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Megan Thee Stallion. I personally enjoyed all of the performances but i think my two favorite performances would be Taylor Swift’s performance and Dua Lipa’s performance.