Spa Shooting in Atlanta


Adrian Sowers, Writer

On Tuesday March 16 2021 Atlanta Georgia had a series of shootings at three Massage Parlors. Eight People have died and several others wounded.  The guys man is Robert Aaron Long and is 21 years old.  He has since been charged with four counts of Murder and one count of assault.He walked into three Atlanta area Spas on Tuesday and opened fire.  Six of the 8 women he killed of were Asian descent.  Robert Long told investigators that he has a ¨Sexual Addiction¨. He also told investigators that the reason he carried out these shootings at these parlors is because he was eliminating his temptations. The subject frequented these parlors in the pasts and targeted these parlors for vengeance.  When police caught up with Long he was driving to a another business in Florida which is where police arrested Robert Long.

According to The New York Times. At this time authorities are treating this case as a hate crime against Asian Americans. President Biden later commented on the incident saying ¨Whatever the motivation I know that Asian Americans are very concerned.¨