The Redditors Who Blew up Gamestop are Now Adopting Gorillas


Kian Pfannenstiel, Editor

As all know, a large group of redditors from the subreddit r/wallstreetbets used their immense numbers to buy a lot of stock in Gamestop to inflate its value severely while a group of wealthy folks were holding onto some short stocks. To make a long story short, the redditors made a lot of money off of the event and the rich folks lost a lot of it. To put a number to it, they raised Gamestops stock value by 1500% at one point. The numbers did fall eventually, but they’re on the rise again.

That subreddit is at it again, now doing the exact same thing for AMC Entertainment (the movie theater chain, to be clear) and also in gorillas. You know, the large apes. Many species of Gorillas are endangered, and the Dian Fossey charity organization has been working tirelessly to protect them. The redditors, for a solid few reasons largely based on inside jokes, invested much of their earnings from their Gamestop stocks into the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. In four days, they “adopted” thousands of gorillas and sent $330,000 in donations to the Dian Fossey, and they normally only get about 20 adoptions per weekend. The redditors have, according to themselves, adopted more gorillas than there are to adopt. To put in other words, Dian Fossey has had to double- or triple-adopt gorillas because so many people are adopting.

I mentioned earlier that they donated so massively to gorillas for a few reasons dependent on inside jokes, and inside jokes are great when you’re on the inside. To understand why they donated to gorillas, it takes only a quick trip to the subreddit (linked below, but you can’t visit it on your chromebooks) to figure it out. The members of the subreddit all call themselves apes (much like the Pewdiepie subredditors call themselves 19-year-olds), and spread many memes about “Apes together strong,” a quote from Caesar in War for the Planet of the Apes, likely a bit of a reference to the efforts of the subredditors who invested in Gamestop and “sent GME to the moon.”