The Bachelor Finale: Review


Kasey Filler, Writer


If you’re reading this I’m assuming you’ve watched this season of the Bachelor. Matt James was the first black bachelor, which is huge. He even said a few times throughout this season that he has felt the pressure of having that title. Matt wanted to represent the black community well while his journey to finding love was being put on national television. He did well as the Bachelor the whole season until this last episode.

Michelle’s Last Date

During the finale Matt took Michelle to meet his brother and mom, then they went on their last date together. Matt’s mom and brother both liked Michelle a lot. His brother even said that he had never seen Matt this happy before. When Matt’s mom was talking to Michelle she started crying because she was so happy to see Matt with someone as great as Michelle. This lead us to believe that Rachel didn’t even have a shot at impressing Matt’s family even more than Michelle already did. During their last date they went repelling off the side of a building and had a picnic set up for them at the bottom. Michelle was pouring her heart out to Matt and Matt wasn’t sure that he really could see a future with Michelle. Matt eventually sent Michelle home because he didn’t think their relationship would ever get to a point where he’d want to purpose to her.

Rachel’s Last Date

When Rachel met Matt’s brother and mom everything changed. They saw something different about Matt when he was with Rachel that they didn’t see when he was with Michelle. Matt’s family loved Rachel and thought that they’d be perfect together. Since Matt was so upset after sending Michelle home he cancelled his and Rachel’s day date. Rachel had no idea that Michelle was gone, so she was upset and didn’t know why he wouldn’t want to see her. After the day goes by and Matt gets himself together he invites Rachel to the lake. This is where he gives her the final rose and they agree to continue to date outside of the show. He doesn’t propose to Rachel on the show because he didn’t want to rush into an engagement like his parents had.

After the Final Rose

After we see the ending of the Bachelor’s journey there’s always an “After the Final Rose” show that updates the viewers on how the couple is doing after the show has aired. This ATFR was a little different because Chris Harrison stepped back and didn’t host this one. As many of you probably know, since the show started to air photos have surfaced of Rachel at an antebellum themed party her college was throwing, where she is wearing an antebellum themed dress. She has had to face a lot of racist allegations. Chris Harrison was in an interview and he defended Rachel’s actions, so that’s why he had to take a step back from hosting the show. During the ATFR ceremony we find out that Matt broke up with Rachel after he found out about the pictures that have been floating around the internet. Matt stated, “When I questioned our relationship, it was in the context of you not fully understanding my Blackness and what it means to be a Black man in America.” Rachel has apologized numerous times for what she did saying her actions were “racially ignorant” and that she didn’t know the history behind the party theme and dresses at the time. Matt and Rachel are not together because Matt believes Rachel needs to work on becoming more educated on her own.

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At the end of the episode we found out that there will be TWO new Bachelorettes! Katie and Michelle from Matt’s season will both be having their own seasons of the Bachelorette back-to-back!