Restful Sleep is Possible


Ella Oliva, Writer

We’ve all been told being on your phone before bed is bad, that it will keep you up longer. However, Rafael Pelayo, a sleep specialist at Stanford Health Care disagrees. He claims that the act of being on your phone isn’t what keeps you up, it’s the content you are on before you go to bed that determines a restful nights sleep.

Pelayo suggest using your phone at night as a way to wrap up your day, to check the weather for the following day, or pick out your workout. He even high suggests using a mediation app or putting on an audio book before falling asleep.

What you should avoid is checking notifications that you know will stress you out. Pelayo talks about avoid aimless scrolling on social media. Although he thinks being on social media is beneficial, he claims that it is not a sleep friendly app, that you cannot control what pops up in your feed and the impact it will have on you. Try to avoid checking on messages that haven’t been responded to or test grades right before bed, this is likely to cause you stress as well.

One tip that Pelayo does give is to change your screen setting to Night Shift about 2 hours before you usually go to bed. This will start automatically preparing your body for sleep every night. This hue relaxes your body and eyes at night compared to the bright hue that keeps you alert during the day. Overall, try to be more aware of the content you are looking at before you go to sleep if you are struggling to have restful nights.

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