Antonio Milane’s Fight for Disability Accommodations at Stanford

Antonio Milane’s Fight for Disability Accommodations at Stanford

Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Antonio Milane is a soon to be graduate from Paloma Valley High School in the town of Menifee, located in Southern California. Antonio Milane was accepted into, his dream school, Stanford a few months ago. Milane has cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that impacts muscle coordination. He needs a scribe to help with his schoolwork, but Stanford was unwilling to provide Milane with access to a scribe deeming his necessity as a “personal preference.” Stanford is a billion dollar institution with plenty of resources to provide Milane with a scribe. On explaining his situation with Stanford, Milane wrote “Simply put, I would be unable to attend Stanford and achieve my goals without the assistance of a scribe, as work will be impossible to complete for a boy who can not write.”

Antonio Milane’s story went viral online and his petition for Stanford to do better has gained lots of support with over 60,000 signatures and those signatures continue to climb. The petition is made up of people who support Milane’s necessity of getting disability accommodations at Stanford. Since Milane’s story went viral online the University has faced a lot of scrutiny after denying an aspirant student with a disability access to writing assistance.

After facing lots backlash from people The Stanford Daily wrote that if Milane chooses to enroll at their University they are committed to “supporting his request for an academic scribe or typists to assist him with his out-of-classroom coursework needs,” wrote University spokesman E.J. Miranda in a statement to the University’s newsletter. Milane said that the University has not shared specific accommodations that they will provide and he hopes to get more detailed information and a formal commitment with a meeting he has with the University.

Milane’s viral story has brought action for increased accommodations for the broader disabled student community and more awareness to the subject many might have been unaware of. Even though Stanford has claimed to provide Milane with a scribe you can still sign the petition to advocate for Antonio Milane and the disabled student community by clicking here.