Must Listen to Podcasts


Ella Oliva, Writer

Although I can listen to music for hours, it can be nice to switch things up a bit. Podcasts have taken off the last 2 years and there are millions to choose from. This is a great way to educate yourself or have a good laugh on the way to work or school. I will be sharing 3 of my favorite podcasts currently, however, I definitely suggest going out there and finding one that works for you.

1. Unfiltered by Zane and Heath is the first podcast I listened to and I’ve been hooked every since. This is a great podcast if you are a fan of David Dobrik, Zane and Heath are featured in many of his videos and they often have guests on their podcasts. This is a great podcast if you’re wanting a good laugh, they often tell crazy stories about their lives. They have a video version as well on Youtube to watch.

2. Killer Instincts by Savanna Brymer is a great podcast for people who love crime shows. Every week she posts a new episode about a different crime cases either solved or unsolved. She spreads awareness on these cases in hopes to help solve them. One thing I love about this podcasts compared to others is that her voice keeps you engaged in the story. There are tons to choose from and they aren’t too long for short drives.

3. WHOA That’s Good Podcast by Sadie Robertson is such an uplifting podcast to start your day to! This is a great podcast to listen to for encouragement. Sadie interviews her family, influencers, and her own religious idols about the best piece of advice they have received. This is a great way to learn about others stories you may look up to or to help find understanding in your own situation.

All of these podcasts can be found on Spotify.

Editor’s Note: One of the faculty at this school, Mr. Lister, also writes for a podcast titled The Shadowvane Podcast, that’s inspired by (but not derivative of) the popular podcast¬†Welcome to Night Vale. Both are excellent and you should give those a listen as well.