Update on Sports


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Kasey Filler, Writer

Winter sports are wrapping up this week and the next bunch of sports have already started practice. Football, Volleyball, and Boys Soccer are the next sports teams that will be competing. Since the scheduling of sports has been crazy I’m here to give you a rundown of what’s going on with each sport that will be competing in the next sports season scheduled by the IHSA.


Football has their first game Saturday March 20th at home against Rockridge. This week IHSA came out with new guidelines regarding the amount of people that can attend outdoor sports. Instead of only 50 spectators being allowed at outdoor events, 20% capacity is the maximum number of people allowed at a game. This means there is potential for a lot more tickets to be handed out for Football games, which is very exciting. Another thing to look forward to during this football season is the fact that we will be playing Sherard again this year. Sherard has always been one of our biggest rivalries, and a lot of people were upset last year when we didn’t play them in football. On Friday April 16th the boys will be playing at Sherard. Although there are only 6 games this year for the football team, it’s really exciting that they’re even having a season and hopefully will have a good number of spectators.


Volleyball also started practice this week. Their first game is Tuesday March 16th against Riverdale at home. There are only 50 spectators allowed at indoor sports which means a lot of people will have to watch the games online. A lot of schools stream their games on youtube and when games happen in Orion they’re streamed through the NFHS network.  Although the volleyball season is shortened this year they have a lot of games scheduled still. THe volleyball team is scheduled to play every team on our side of the conference twice while also playing games against non conference teams like; Moline, Alleman, Galesburg, and more. With having a new coach it should be a very exciting season for the volleyball team.

Boys Soccer

Since boys soccer is an outdoor sport they also are allowed a lot more spectators than indoor sports are. This will provide the opportunity for more students and friends to attend the games. Their first game is today (March 11th) against Lasalle Peru. Hopefully the boys soccer season goes well this year.

These sports will be playing till the end of April. The next sports to start are Softball, Baseball, Track & Field, and Wrestling. They will start around the beginning or April. This means that they will overlap with Football, Volleyball, and Boys Soccer, so that could be challenging. All in all everyone should be grateful that we’re able to play sports this year.