Past , Present , and Future


Abby Schuler , Writer

 BEEP BEEP BEEP , I quickly snoozed my alarm before it woke up Taylor, my roommate. I got my things and headed towards the showers . I hurried back to my dorm because morning football practice was getting out. Taylor let me in , I got ready and went to the Bio lab to get my schedule. After that I had just enough time to get coffee before class. This class was probably one of my favorites because Issac promised to take it with me. We were going to become Lawyers and open our own firm. 

I sat in the fifth row so I could see the board better. Class began shortly , my professor assigned a partner project worth 20 percent of our grade. This girl sitting by me told me her name was Serena and asked to be partners , I told her sure and for the rest of class we created a plan and got a supplies list. Luckily my only class was this one for today. I went and got the supplies then headed  back to my dorm to pack a blanket , pillow , snacks , and my water.

 I headed over towards Issac and I’s spot. I set up my blanket and started reading my book while waiting.  It was about time for the sun to set so I laid down , and then I heard someone say my name. I turned my head to see my brother Issac.  “Took you long enough” I snapped at him , Issac replied “ I made it to watch the sunset with you like we do every year so relax.” We just kinda talked about our day and then Issac looked at me to say I need to let him go and enjoy college. He told me he loved me but moping about him wasn’t bringing him back. I told him he was right even though I hated saying that. 

We hugged and he told me to keep talking to him because he always listens, I said of course and we watched the sunset. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ , I was woken up to a text from Taylor asking for outfit advice. I sat up realizing it was night time and realized I missed the sunset . . .