Eating on a Budget


Ella Oliva, Writer

As high schoolers we aren’t exactly rolling in money, the majority of us have just begun working and learning how to manage our money. It can be hard to find a balance between saving and treating yourself, especially when you are out with friends often, those 4 dollar atomic drinks can add up quick. I struggled to find that same balance and after going through my bank statements I was horrified. After this I started finding little ways to save here and there.

First I recommend trying to avoid eating out as much as possible! Make something at home and take it on the go, meal-prep, or do a potluck with friends and save the leftovers. These are cheaper and healthier ways to still enjoy food with your friends.

Although if we are being realistic, most of us are going to grab fast food every once in awhile, and that’s perfectly normal! However, I suggest downloading apps for your most go-to restaurants and creating an account. This may seem annoying, but I promise you it will be worth it. Through these apps you can earn points for eating there which can earn you free meals in the future. In addition to this some restaurant’s will offer special deals only on the app, this can be buy one get one free deals, or just money off of your order! This is great for saving a few dollars if you already have your heart set on grabbing fast food.

Lastly, always ask at least one person for gift cards on birthdays or holidays! I personally always ask for a quad cities dining coupon book every year for my birthday. This is a $35 coupon book filled with buy one get one free deals to almost every restaurant in the Quad Cities. This is so handy to have when going out with friends or family. Finding the balance can be difficult but these are a few tips that helped me save money when I did decide to treat myself.