Jessica’s Surprise Pt.2


Abby Schuler , Writer

I hurried and climbed the deck stairs to get into the window. I grabbed the bag and a couple of other things before I climbed back out to the car. I rushed to Sarah’s and changed to meet Dylan on time. I knocked on the door and he answered me and motioned Sarah and I to his room upstairs. He went to his closest and grabbed a notebook and came and sat on the bed and showed us the setup for the party. I hugged him and told him how much I really appreciated this and he replied with “No problem.”

We all headed into town to get the last of the supplies and then to the house, I checked to see if my mom had left to go get my sister, Ella, from softball practice yet. I told Sarah and Dylan that Ella agreed to stall for us and we rushed in and started decorating, setting up, and getting the food ready. A few more people were coming in and helping set up when Ella had texted that she was on the way just in time for the cake to arrive.

I told everyone she was on her way, I was going over the list one more time when Izzy came over to me and asked If I was sure I had everything handled and wanted to see if I wanted her to take over for me.  I told her that no, I have everything handled and was interrupted by a buzz as my watch was notifying me that someone just came up the driveway. I excused myself and rushed to the garage to meet my mom and Ella. 

There I gave each of them an outfit to go put on in the bathroom on the other side of the garage. Once they were changed I walked my mom in and after they surprised her I told her she got her promotion and we all wanted to do something special for her. She was so happy she started crying and she gave Ella and I hugs, thanked us, and went over to her captain and thanked her as well. I told Sarah and Dylan I owed them free access to come over anytime for a month, we all hugged,  grabbed some food and hung out.