Jessica’s Surprise

Jessica's Surprise

Abby Schuler , Writer

The school bell just rang. I went to my locker, grabbed my bag and keys and headed to my car. I hurried to get out of the parking lot before it got super chaotic. I got home to my mom putting groceries away and prepping for dinner. I went upstairs and got my homework all out and organized. I grabbed the slip and went down stairs. I asked my mom how her day was and what was for dinner. She said work was pretty busy but it was good, and that we’d be having Caesar salad with chicken and asparagus. 

“Sounds good, but could you call Principal Franklin about this detention and get me excused please?” I asked. She looked at it and asked if I really did skip class? I said yes but it was to get extra time to study for this test. She said the best she will do is sign it and let me serve it because I should have studied before and not missed class. I told her I wasn’t all that hungry after all and went into my room. After slamming the door and starting my homework I called Sarah really quick and asked her what I should do to get out of the detention because I have a study date with Dylan.

Sarah gave some options but all of them sounded like a plan Sarah would give so it looked like I was going to have to think of one on my own.  Twenty minutes later I finally thought of the ultimate excuse where I can serve the detention and keep my study date. I went into the office the next morning to give the slip to Principal Franklin and asked him if I could serve it Wednesday instead of today after school because my mom works late and the babysitter canceled so I need to babysit my brother. 

He reluctantly agreed to my Wednesday sentence and told me to get to class, on my way I stopped at Sarah’s locker telling her the plan was a go. Once school was over I rushed home to find my mom already home.