Golfer Tiger Woods Injured in Crash


Eli Kayser, Editor

Golfer Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a single-car crash on Tuesday morning. His injuries were non-life threatening, but serious nonetheless. According to bystanders, the car traveled over to the opposite side of the road before rolling into a ditch along the road. Woods had to be removed from the windshield by first responders, and was promptly rushed to the hospital. He had to go through a very lengthy surgery to work on severely injured legs.

This could very well affect Woods’ outstanding golfing career. He has had significant back issues in the past, and this certainly won’t help things. Woods has had problems with DUIs in the past, but officers don’t believe that this was the result of alcohol. Woods was out of golf for a time before winning his fifth Masters in 2019. Hopefully Tiger can make a full recovery and get back on the course.