COVID Friendly Spring Activities


Kasey Filler, Writer

It’s already the end of February which means Spring is on it’s way. I don’t know about you all but I’m excited for warmer weather. After being stuck inside because of the cold temperatures the past couple weeks, getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather is something I’m sure we all want to do. Despite what many may think there are a lot of things to do in the QC.

These are my top two favorite things to do in the Quad Cities when it’s nice outside!

Bishop Hill, IL

In Bishop Hill you can spend the day walking around, visiting all the shops there. There is a clothing boutique that has really cute clothes there for the girls. In the back of the boutique there’s a really cute coffee shop. The Colony Store has a lot of good candy and little souvenirs. For lunch you can visit the bakery restaurant and on your way out after lunch you can buy their homemade cookies or bread to bring home for later.  There are a lot of historical landmarks in the small town as well. Bishop Hill has something for everyone from shopping, to food, to history.                                                COVID-19 Regulations: There aren’t too many restriction other than to wear a mask while you’re inside the buildings.

Wildcat Den State Park

Wildcat Den is in Muscatine, IL. At the State Park many of the trails lead to places you can go camping. There are also a lot of picnic tables so make sure to pack a lunch! Make sure to grab a map before entering a trail so that you don’t get lost. On the map there are 3 different paths that you can follow or you can go your own way. The trails are beautiful. There are a lot of creeks and a river that runs through the park, along with pretty bluff and rocks. There are also a couple historic sites there! There is a Gristmill from 1848 and in the summer you can swim in the water by the mill. I don’t think the water will be warm enough quite yet to jump in, but it is still cool to see from outside the water.

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