Texas Storm and Power Companies Sued Over 11-Year-Old Boy’s Death

Texas Storm and Power Companies Sued Over 11-Year-Old Boy’s Death

Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Texas experienced a historic cold snap as temperatures plunged and snow and ice hit the state. The storm caused many Texas power grids to collapse and water systems followed suit and failed soon after. Tens of millions of Texans were left in frigid homes that grew colder or fled to safety. The people who fled to homes of relatives or neighbors risked the chance of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Coronavirus vaccines in Texas were also delayed during the storm. 

Many Texans were left without heat for days on end, and an estimated 13 million people were under a boil-water order due to dangerously low water pressure leaving them with undrinkable water. Although, most were lucky if they even had access to water with little coming out of their taps and many water pipes bursting. Texas seeked aid from other states and humanitarian groups to help with as many of its 29 million people struggling to survive.

There have been more than 35 people confirmed dead in the state. The number is expected to rise once roads clear and relatives and first responders are able to check on missing loved ones.

Maria Elisa Pineda’s mobile home outside Houston was left without power and heat for over 24 hours as temperatures in that area plummeted to 9 degrees. On Tuesday last week, Pineda found her 11-year-old son, Christian Pavon, dead under a pile of blankets on his bed. Authorities suspect the death was a result of hypothermia. Pineda is suing Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and Entergy Corporation, two major Texas energy providers. The $100 million lawsuit is accusing the two companies of gross negligence in the death of her child. Pineda alleges that Christian would not have died if both companies had alerted residents that the outages would last several days during the state’s dangerous cold snap.