Boeing Grounds Another Jet


Adrian Sowers, Writer

Boeing, the jet and airplanes maker, is under fire for yet another time. This time its not for the 737 but for the 777. If you were not aware of why the 737 was grounded, Here it is. The 737 was grounded all across the globe because of a faulty flight system which left pilots without control of their planes and ultimately two fatal crashes resulted. After Boeing fixed the issue all 737 can now fly again. Now that we have that out of the way. What about the 777´s? Over the weekend on Saturday February 20th, 2021 a United flight on its way to Denver passengers saw thick black smoke billowing out the right engine of the jet. It is important to note that the 777 is exclusively being flown only by United airlines. The jets engine cover flew off leaving the engine exposed and a fiery  and shaking out of control engine in plain sight for all to see. In a statement to NBC News a top engineer at Boeing said that the engine should not have caught fire as the engine is made with fire retardant materials. The cause of this event is still under investigation. While the investigation is still underway Boeing has grounded all of their 777 jet planes leaving United scrambling for jets to use. Investigators are now looking at the black boxes that came from the Jet. Residence in Denver reported pieces of jet metal landing in their yard at the time of the flight.