Ben and Jerry’s is Cooler than We Thought


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is probably my favorite brand of ice cream out there. They have so many flavors and everyone seems to have a different favorite flavor (one of mine is milk and cookies). However, Ben & Jerry’s goes much further than just ice cream. The company is extremely progressive and pushes for important changes to society. On their website you can find an  “Issues We Care About” page where they have well-written and researched articles about all kinds of issues including LGBTQ+ equality, climate justice, racial justice, and fairtrade. They also include what the company is doing to change things or help. Many designated flavors specifically go towards funds and campaigns surrounding these issues. 

The company was founded in a garage in Vermont in 1978, and the best friends who created it, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, have been fighting the injustices they see since the beginning. Many controversies and calls for boycotts have followed Ben & Jerry’s, including a mom’s group calling for a boycott after the release of the Saturday Night Live flavor called a name they described as vulgar. Blue lives matter supporters called for the same thing after the company shared a post in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Similarly, outrage rose after the flavors “Hubby Hubby,” “Justice Remix’d,” and “Empower-Mint” were released, among others. The flavors celebrated the legalization of same-sex marriage in Vermont, showed support for the action campaign dedicated to criminal justice reform, and brought attention to the wealth inequality in America, respectively.