Let’s Talk: Comfort Movies


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

I don’t know if you’re like me, but ever since COVID started I’ve been rewatching more movies and shows than actually watching new ones. I’ve built up a steady collection of comfort movies and shows, which are the familiar and over-watched movies/shows that I watch on a bad day to make it better. 

There’s actually a psychological reason behind why we love rewatching movies so much. People who are prone to anxiety are more likely to rewatch the same movie over and over. The predictability is nice for anxious brains, mostly because they don’t have to process any new information. When your world feels out of control, watching a comfort movie or show is a very easy way to gain back a sense of control over your emotions. You know how you’re going to feel throughout the whole movie or show so nothing can catch you by surprise. In a way, you’re in control.

Overall, humans prefer predictability and routine. We also can use the familiar movies or shows to feel nostalgia, which can help with optimism about our future and may alleviate loneliness and anxiety. When we’re in uncertain times (like a pandemic), comfort movies become another one of our brain’s slightly dysfunctional survival tactics:)

Source: https://www.news24.com/health24/Medical/Depression/Anxiety-disorders/the-psychology-behind-why-you-like-to-rewatch-your-favourite-movie-or-series-during-the-pandemic-20200814-2