How Social Media is Desensitizing Us


Ella Oliva, Writer

How many hours do you spend aimlessly scrolling through Instagram or Snapchat stories? Which post are the ones the catch your eye, and which do you scroll past without taking another thought? This past year especially has contained more negative stores in the news than I have ever seen. Our society has been exposed to an enormous amount of political and social issues this past year, along with the opinions of everyone in the world.

According to Katie Day Good, an assistant professor of strategic communication at Miami University, states that “social media can desensitize us to traedgies by providing us with too much information, information taken out of context, misinformation, or disinformation (information designed to be deceiving). ” It can feel impossible to stay up to date on every event when you are being overwhelmed with contradicting information every time you get on social media. This can especially cause the younger generation growing up with this social media to become less empathetic towards each other and issues not involving them specifically.

On the other hand our society has never been more informed of events taking place so quickly. The internet allows more people to stay informed and connected. However, we must find a balance between staying informed and letting it negatively impact your health. Set boundaries for yourself, you could put time limits on your social media apps to stop yourself from spending countless hours scrolling. Another good idea is unfollowing toxic accounts and switching to accounts that aren’t biased or provide positive news as well. In conclusion, try to be more aware of the impact social media is putting on your health and make changes accordingly.

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